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In the past and for the future - a strong partner

Be a part of our team

Why CLARK? Confidence in the inventor of the forklift

  • As a family owned company we think in generations
  • With CLARK into the future
  • Innovation and Tradition
  • More than 100 years of experience speak for themselves
  • Wide product range of durable and robust trucks
  • Total Cost of Ownership is our top priority
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Social commitment and environmental responsibility go hand in hand with our company's success
  • Dealer development
  • Training and education courses all part of our standard services
  • Dealer support
  • Reliable and fast service and support in all areas and at all levels
  • Innovative solution and sales support
  • Electronic sales and communication applications as our CLARK App, Order systems for Spare Parts and Trucks, Dealer Portal etc
  • Stable price policy
  • No currency problems
  • Outstanding spare parts supply
  • Fast delivery, availability of different brands, electronic programs for parts identification and other systems

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