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CLARK Leaf Chains For forklift trucks and warehouse technology

Leaf Chains


Link Plates

Plates are made from a special steel which can withstand sudden loads and provides maximum resistance to breakage.

Bearing Pins

Pins are manufactured from a special steel which has excellent resistance to bending. This increases the wear life of the chain.

Inner Link Plates

Movement of the inner plates is improved by close control of the pin and plate hole dimensions. This reduces rubbing (friction) to a minimum so the chain operates more economically and efficiently.

Chain pitch

Pitch (distance between each pin or plate hole) accuracy and pin hole diameters (holes in link plates) are maintained on every component during manufacture. This ensures consistent precision performance and good movement of the leaf chain joints.

Nearly all sizes for all Industrial lifts available for immediate shipment

Leaf chains are made especially for applications requiring flexible, high strength tension linkages for reciprocating motion devices. These chains operate over sheaves rather than sprockets and are often found on forklift trucks, or as counter-weight chains for machine tools or similar balancing applications. These chains are usually supplied cut-to-length and may be supplied with "male" (inside link) or "female" (outside link) ends. Chains to be supplied in an even number of pitches possess one female and one male end. If an odd number of pitches are required please specify whether the ends should be "male" or "female". The type of clevis used will determine the end style required.