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CLARK spare parts for forklift trucks and warehouse technology

About CLARK Parts

Our European Parts Distribution Center, located in Duisburg/Germany is a state of the art 1.500m² center containing nearly 20.000 items with over 100.000 product applications. Our center takes orders until 16:30 (Middle-European-Time) for next day delivery to our dealers or directly to your location. CLARK Parts truly keeps your investment…. “Built to Last.”

CLARK utilizes our years of experience, outstanding delivery, and competitive pricing to make the maintenance of your forklift as cost-effective and painless as possible. Whether you operate a Toyota, Hyster, Nissan, or any other brand of forklift, TOTALIFT is the best answer for all of your forklift needs. We know you have to make tough choices with your budgeted spending and our network of over 170 dealer locations in more than 60 countries will provide you with many options to fit your productivity and spending needs. That is why CLARK is considered the very best value in the material handling industry.

  • PPX20-Application
  • warehouse
  • WPX20-Application
  • sorted parts
  • SRX-Broschure 3
  • WPX18 WS10MApplication

Other Brands we cover

    • Toyota
    • Mitsubishi
    • Caterpillar
    • Hyster
    • Yale
    • Doosan
    • Daewoo
    • Linde
    • Komatsu
    • Kalmar
    • TCM
    • Crown
    • Nissan
    • Filters
    • Fluids
    • Engine Components
    • Forks
    • Chain
    • Poly Tires
    • Transmission Components
    • Electric DC Motors
    • Control Cards
    • Tires
    • Load Wheels


State-of-the-Art Parts Look-up: PartsPRO™

State-of-the-Art Parts Look-up: PartsPRO™

CLARK, the pioneer of the material handling industry is pleased to introduce PartsPRO PLUS™. It has been long considered the best parts and service lookup system in the industry. Only our official dealer can use it, because they do maintenance and require a system to help those service and order parts for your forklifts. This system is a fully functioning electronic manual designed specifically for the customer purchased units, e.g.:

The Product Identification Card (PIC) for the customer’s truck(s).
The Quick Reference Index (QRI) listing and linking the parts manual illustrations.
All illustrations for the customers trucks
Availability to decode the part numbers from an illustration.
All Search functions as the dealer version.
Part to part number crosses and part number to Technical Information (TI) Bulletin crosses with ability to open the TI with a click of the button.
All Service Information (SI) Bulletins.
The CLARK Standards part number pages for looking up hardware part numbers.
PartsPRO™ help files.
Ability to add notes to PICS, Lot numbers and Part numbers.