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CLARK Batteries & Chargers For forklift trucks and warehouse technology

Batteries & Chargers



CLARK battery offerings provide only the best in leading edge battery technology, quality and engineering. We offer a full line of 12 to 80 Volt batteries for nearly all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and other types of battery powered industrial equipment.

  • Manufactured to exact standards to deliver longest running times and battery life
  • Available in 12, 24, 48 and 80 Volt units
  • Capacities of 45Ah to 930Ah for electric C/B trucks and warehouse equipment
  • British Standard, DIN and Ironclad
  • more resistant to breakdown, resulting in longer battery life
  • Wide range of variable sizes and customizing accessories.
    • Battery-Exchange Table (Single and Double, for 2- and 3-shift applications)
    • Water filling solutions (Aquamatic-System or mobile Aqua-Trolley)
    • Battery Storage Table or wall-mouted frame for battery charger


CLARK battery chargers offerings are distinguished by the same consistently reliable features which are typical for all TOTALIFT® products.Built to Last®

  • Standard Chargers (Cupper Technology) with 11-13 hours charging time
  • High-Frequent Chargers with lower charging time
  • all chargers are equipped with powercable and CE-Connector (with Handle)
  • different WA characteristics (230V and 400V)


As an interface between battery and vehicle it is important to choose the right power connector for your application. Only high quality, durable und absolutely reliable connection devices guarantee a low-loss use of electrical energy.

  • High dielectric and physical strength are the results of one-piece housings molded of impact-resistant polycarbonate Lexan
  • Contact vibration arching is kept to an absolute minimum by integral stainless-steel leaf springs which maintain constant contact pressure
  • Low electrical resistance and superior conductivity are the effect of heavy-duty silver plating on solid copper contacts
  • Arcing is virtually eliminated due to a self-cleaning contract design which keeps conductive surfaces clean and free of erosion-based deposits
  • Crimping is fast and sure with solid barrel contacts designed to easily accept all fine-stranded wires
  • Uniform contact connection is assured as the springs are held firmly to the housing with the unique spring-stop design.


Because of the potential safety hazard of mismatching voltages when connecting truck batteries to chargers, battery connectors are produced in six different colors. None of these are interconnectable. This allows you to select a different color for each truck voltage in your fleet. Only connectors of the same size and color will interconnect.