New Clark high-lift truck SWX16

22 August 2023 - New Clark high-lift truck SWX16

The Clark SWX16 high-lift truck with a load capacity of 1.6 t and Li-Ion battery is suitable for the transport and storage of goods over short distances in industry, trade and distribution
The Clark SWX16 high-lift truck with a load capacity of 1.6 t and Li-Ion battery is suitable for the transport and storage of goods over short distances in industry, trade and distribution


Unbeatably manoeuvrable and safe to operate

Duisburg, 22 August 2023 – Clark has launched a new high-lift truck with lithium-ion technology.

Press releases:

The SWX16 with a load capacity of 1.6 t is suitable for transporting goods over short distances in industry, trade and distribution. Thanks to its extraordinary manoeuvrability, the compact high-lift truck is unbeatable when it comes to moving goods quickly and safely in confined spaces with a hand-operated device – whether in the warehouse pre-zone or at the high rack.

The pedestrian stacker has a maximum lift height of 5500 mm and so can easily reach even higher shelves. With a turning radius of only 1507 mm, the truck is also designed to be extremely compact so that safe load handling is possible even in space-critical work areas. The SXW16 also has a lot to offer in terms of handling performance: For example, the lifting and lowering speeds of 0.20 m/s and 0.26 m/s (with and without load) and 0.4 m/s and 0.3 m/s (with and without load) are significantly higher than those of its predecessor.


User-friendly and safe thanks to Clark SpeedControl


The standard Clark SpeedControl (CSC) increases safety during operation. CSC automatically adjusts the driving speed to the position of the tiller. This means that the smaller the distance between the operator and the vehicle, the more the speed of the hand-guided warehouse assistant is reduced. When the driver releases the tiller, the vehicle brakes automatically. With the tiller in the normal driving position, the vehicle reaches the maximum driving speed of 5.5 km/h. All parameters of the CSC can be individually adjusted according to the customer's wishes. In addition, the proportional hydraulic control, which is also standard, ensures safe and precise storage and retrieval of sensitive loads.

For intuitive and fatigue-free operation of the vehicle, all controls are positioned within easy reach in the ergonomic tiller and can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed operators. Because the tiller is long and low, the operator can operate the vehicle with sufficient safety distance. In addition, he has an optimal view of the forks and can store and retrieve loads quickly and safely even in narrow racking aisles.


Li-Ion power ensures maximum efficiency


The SWX16 is equipped with a maintenance-free, encapsulated 1.6 kW three-phase traction motor. This ensures powerful acceleration and high travel speeds. The powerful 4.5 kW lift motor guarantees maximum efficiency when lifting and lowering loads. The SWX16 is available with a 24 V, 205 Ah lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion). It therefore also proves itself in multi-shift use, because the Li-Ion battery can be recharged at any time and within a very short time – for example during breaks – without damaging the battery or shortening its service life. The battery can be recharged at any 230-volt socket. Clark offers a 24 V, 100 Ah charger for Li-Ion batteries in the scope of delivery. With Li-Ion technology, the vehicle has a high level of availability thanks to the battery's rapid charging capability, as time-consuming battery replacement is no longer necessary. Moreover, Li-Ion technology not only increases productivity, but also saves costs for maintenance, infrastructure, and replacement batteries. This makes a Li-Ion vehicle worthwhile for anyone who wants to operate a maintenance-free, long-lasting, and fast-charging battery with a high safety standard. For application profiles where a Li-Ion battery is not required, the SWX16 is also available with a lead-acid battery with a battery capacity of 24 V, 225 Ah.


Low operating costs through easy maintenance


The use of proven AC controllers makes the SWX16 high-lift truck an extremely maintenance-friendly warehouse helper. Should a malfunction nevertheless occur, the error code indication in the display provides the service technician with information about the possible cause. Thanks to a one-piece bonnet, the truck offers easy access for service and maintenance work. In addition, the service technician can easily program the travel and lift parameters via the vehicle display.