Gentle loading of sensitive live loads

Duisburg Zoo


CLARK electric forklift GEX5


CLARK electric forklift GEX50 proves its efficiency in an unusual rental application

Press releases:

1 Clark Sehkuhtransport 01

Transporting the manatees Manfred and Pablo was a logistical challenge in which a forklift truck from Clark played a decisive role

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / D. van Düren

2 Clark Seekuhtransport 02

The Clark GEX50 electric forklift was equipped with extra-long forks to load the transport boxes, each around 3.60 m long, with the manatees from the heated truck

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg

3 Clark Seekuhtransport 03

Christopher Grefer from Duisburg Zoo drives the forklift truck. Here he is being briefed on unloading the box from the truck

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / D. van Düren

4 Clark Seekuhtransport 04a

The Clark forklift first had to unload the box from the truck, set it down on the ground...

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg

5 Clark Seekuhtransport 04b

...and then pick them up again crosswise on the forks to lift them onto the heavy-duty rolling board that stood on the gallery built especially for the arrival of the manatees

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg

6 Clark Seekuhtransport 05

The Clark GEX50 sets the transport box with the manatee down very gently on the roller board

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg

7 Clark Seekuhtransport 06

A team of animal keepers carefully pushed the transport box with the manatee over the rolling board into the "Rio Negro" tropical hall

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / A. Dörendahl

8 Clark Seekuhtransport 07a

The animal keepers placed a so-called "stretcher" underneath the manatee…

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / A. Dörendahl

9 Clark Seekuhtransport 07b

...and then the manatee was lifted out of the transport box with the support of a slewing crane and carefully lowered into its new home

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / A. Dörendahl

10 Clark Seekuhtransport 08

The two manatees have arrived safely and have accepted their new habitat well

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / M. Appel

11 Clark Seekuhtransport 09

The manatee was given the name Manfred by animal keepers in Denmark. It is made up of the syllables "Man" and "Fred", each of which has its own meaning. Man" is the first letter of Manati, as manatees are also called. "Fred" comes from the Danish and means "peace". The name Manfred therefore means something like "peaceful Manati" or "peaceful manatee"

Copyright: Zoo Duisburg / M. Appel

13 Clark GEX4050 50 Bild 10

The Clark electric forklift GEX50 with 80 V and 5 t load capacity was predestined for the particularly demanding application at Duisburg Zoo thanks to its sensitive driving behaviour

Copyright: Clark Europe