3rd November 2015 - CLARK supplies warehouse equipment for the volume market

CLARK supplies warehouse equipment for the volume market
CLARK supplies warehouse equipment for the volume market

CLARK presents the ‘CLARK Compact Series’: warehouse equipment for universal use from industrial warehouses to supermarkets

CLARK supplies warehouse equipment for the volume market

Duisburg, October 2015. In autumn 2015, CLARK launches ‘CLARK Compact’, a series of new warehouse equipment for both various industrial applications and commercial use. Designed for the volume segment, the new CLARK generation offers electric stackers with a capacity of 1.0 to 2.0 tonnes and electric low lift pallet trucks with a capacity of 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes with or without platform and with a maximum travel speed of up to 12 km/h.

“CLARK Compact strikes a chord on the market”
With CLARK Compact, CLARK is repositioning itself within its core business area of warehouse equipment. Rolf Eiten, CEO of CLARK Europe says: “The new series offers us truly exciting prospects. Our users now have models that are tailored to the operators for all applications – and at competitive market prices. The easy and secure handling of the equipment increases productivity with both standard and complex transport tasks.” CLARK has developed CLARK Compact using premium components from European manufacturers and offers up to two-year warranty, a sophisticated safety package and many features even with only the standard configuration. Rolf Eiten: “In combination with our renowned excellent value for money, we believe that we have struck a chord on the market with CLARK Compact.”

CLARK Compact electric stackers
The new CLARK electric stackers from the CC series have a maximum capacity of up to 2.0 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 4,800 mm. They are offered in addition to the existing CLARK SX and PX ‘heavy-duty’ models and are characterised by increased productivity thanks to outstanding manoeuvrability, compact dimensions and convenient handling. The five new models offer an impressively powerful acceleration thanks to industry-proven AC motors (on three of the models) made in Germany.

  • WS10M (1.0 t capacity/max. 1,950 mm lift height)
  • WS10 (1.0 t capacity/max. 3,300 mm lift height)
  • WSX12 (1.2 t capacity/max. 4,800 mm lift height)
  • WSX14 (1.4 t capacity/max. 4,800 mm lift height)
  • WSXD20 (2.0 t capacity/max. 3,600 mm lift height)

The excellent serviceability and extensive standard configuration also help to increase load handling efficiency, while integrating all lifting and lowering functions into the ergonomic tiller head for right and left-handed operators ensures precise and safe operation. The 4-point wheel layout offers optimum stability and, on models with CLARK SpeedControl (CSC), the maximum travel speed is automatically adjusted in line with the tiller position. This is particularly useful for applications in confined spaces and during everyday manoeuvring.

CLARK Compact electric low lift pallet trucks
The CLARK Compact series offers flexible usage options in the electric low lift pallet truck segment, covering light to medium industrial applications. Reliable and low-maintenance AC traction motors, simple handling thanks to compact dimensions and maximum throughput rates are all characteristic features of the

  • WP15 (1,5t capacity)
  • WPX18 (1,8t capacity)
  • WPX20 (2,0t capacity)
  • und die PPX20 / PPXS20 (2,0t capacity).

With capacities of 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes, with and without platform, the electric low lift pallet trucks achieve maximum travel speeds of up to 12 km/h, even when handling double pallets. Battery capacities of up to 375 Ah and the optional lateral battery extraction even enable two- and three-shift use. The WP15, WPX18, WPX20, PPX20 and PPXS20 trucks optionally come with a load backrest, single load rollers and treaded drive wheels, and are available as cold storage versions. The easy-to-use and compact tiller, offering operator controls on the left and right hand side, facilitates quick handling.