19th February 2019 - Global Player makes further improvements

Global Player makes further improvements
Global Player makes further improvements

Clark presents the S-Series at LogiMAT with additional customer benefits

Global Player makes further improvements

Duisburg, February 19th, 2019 – Just in time for the start of LogiMAT, Clark will be presenting additional features to the S-Series, launched last year and nominated for the 2019 IFOY Award.

Press releases:

Customers can benefit even more from the powerful S-Series trucks when it comes to managing their material handling tasks.

“With the S-Series, we have succeeded in developing modern and powerful trucks for European and US customers, offering operators high levels of comfort and improving operator efficiency. At the same time, we have maintained the excellent price performance ratio that our customers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa expect", explains Rolf Eiten, President & CEO of Clark Europe GmbH. "With the S-Series, we have therefore achieved our ultimate goal of providing our customers with the best possible solution for their individual transport tasks. At LogiMAT we will demonstrate that we don’t rest on our laurels, but consistently make further improvements to the S-Series that benefit our customers."

Lower emissions thanks to new Ford engines: The S-Series, featuring S20-35 diesel super-elastic or pneumatic forklift trucks and S20C-32C LPG forklift trucks with cushion tyres, is now equipped with a Tier 5 Ford LPG engine. The new engines offer the operator excellent acceleration and powerful operation with highly economical consumption. By decoupling the engine, transmission and drive axle, Clark has reduced vibration and noise to a minimum.

DBS system improves safety and goods handling: With the equally new DBS system, Clark not only aims to improve safety with forklift use, but at the same time increase turnover output. With the aid of the DBS, the steering axle of the truck is stabilised in such a way that when cornering, the tipover risk is reduced and handling is improved. DBS is now standard on all models of the S-Series.

The right cabin for every application: Another newly available feature is the various cabin variants with which the trucks can be equipped. These range from the cabin roof to the full cabin and ensure that the driver can concentrate and work comfortably even under the harshest climatic conditions.

Smart, Strong and Safe is the benchmark for future Clark forklift generations: The S-Series with capacities from 2 to 3.5 t is the first choice wherever high turnover output and availability are crucial – such as in hard multi-shift applications in industry, trade and distribution. For the first time, the new Clark forklift generation uses proven system components, as well as active safety systems and a new smart information system. With this, Clark aims to increase the safety and efficiency of forklift use while at the same time reducing the costs of material handling. The attributes Smart, Strong and Safe not only stand for the S-Series, but also for the core properties of future developments from Clark.

Active safety systems reduce the risk of accidents and increase efficiency: One of the new safety systems is the load weight measurement, which measures the weight of the load on the forks and helps the driver avoid overloading the truck. With the automatic tilt stop when the upright is vertical (vertical mast system), a tilt sensor brings the upright to a vertical position so that goods can be quickly and safely stored and retrieved. The VMS sets the upright vertically when tilted either forward and backward and adjusts the truck position on uneven floors or ramps. Another safety system is the optional speed limit control. This allows the speed of the truck to be adapted to the task: If the truck is mainly used for short journeys in halls, the speed can be throttled to 6 km/h. If the truck needs to travel longer distances, for example outdoors, the maximum travel speed can be increased to up to 21 km/h. The automatic, electric parking brake ensures safe ramp travel. As a standard, a roll-back protection (anti-roll-back) is available, which can be switched on for ramp working. Also new is the direction switch integrated in the hydraulic lever, which allows the driver to change direction without having to reach. And last but not least, Clark offers an automotive style camera system for safe reversing for a moderate extra charge, giving the driver an optimal view of everything on his travel route when reversing.

New central information system: The splash-proof 5-inch TFT colour display provides the driver with information about all important truck parameters, such as travel speed, load weight and operating time until the next maintenance. Warnings can be issued in 26 languages. In addition, the display is used for on-board diagnostics and has password-protected access for service purposes. If desired, to save fuel and increase safety, the truck may be programmed so that when the driver leaves the truck seat, the engine automatically shuts off.

Extensive optional equipment available: A 12 V power connector is standard on the S-Series. On request, an additional USB charging port is available. The built-in Bluetooth radio in the cabin can be paired with a mobile device and used as a hands-free device. Optionally available in the armrest are integrated mini-levers, an ergonomic steering wheel with steering wheel knob, a comfort cabin with heating, a two-part side door, an air-sprung Grammer driver's seat with imitation leather cover, various seats with armrest or side bar, an orange automatic safety belt, a swiveling gas cylinder holder, a heavy duty brake cooling system, ISO shut-off valve (OPS), internal engine compartment sound insulation, panoramic rearview mirror, a Blue Safety Light for visual forward and reverse warnings, acoustic reverse alarm, horn reversing handle and various attachments. In addition to standard uprights, as well as Hilo and triplex masts, quad masts are available for the first time for the European market for the S-Series. These are ideal, for example, when it comes to loading and unloading containers and simultaneous storage and retrieval from the high bay.