October 15, 2019

M.N. Systems is new Clark dealer in Israel
M.N. Systems is new Clark dealer in Israel

M.N. Systems is new Clark dealer in Israel

Clark Europe strengthens its position in the Middle East

Duisburg, October 15, 2019 Clark Europe has found a new sales partner for Israel with M.N. Systems with effect from 1st May 2019.

With this appointment, the industrial truck manufacturer looks to expand its strong position in the Near and Middle East region.

M.N. Systems was founded in 1986 and is located in the Emek-Hefer Industrial Park near Netanya. The company began its operations in the heavy commercial vehicle sector and rapidly developed into a leading expert in the distribution of spare parts and components for workshops and manufacturers of trailers, semi-trailers, buses and trucks in Israel. Over the years, M.N. Systems has expanded its offering to include a variety of products such as vehicle systems, axles and suspensions, hydraulic and braking systems, electrical systems and components, traction batteries for forklift trucks, solar battery solutions including control panels, controllers and inverters, workshop accessories and accessories for buses & trucks, driver seats and seat systems for heavy equipment and forklift trucks, horse trailers and caravan accessories and spare parts.

As Clark’s partner in Israel, M.N. Systems will distribute the full Clark product range. In addition to all forklift classes and warehouse equipment trucks, this also includes all accessories and spare parts as well as services such as rental and maintenance for Clark new and used materials handling vehicles. With around 90 employees, M.N. Systems ensures professional sales with advice and customer support as well as fast service within Israel and the Palestinian territories.

"With M.N. Systems, we will further strengthen our market position in Israel and expand our business with customers in the Middle East. We are looking forward to the cooperation", said Rolf Eiten, President & CEO of Clark Europe GmbH, at the signing of the contract.