17 février 2016 - Tout est à bord

Tout est à bord
Tout est à bord

CLARK présente le nouveau chariot élévateur à contrepoids GTS20-33

Tout est à bord

Duisbourg, janvier 2016. Avec son nouveau chariot élévateur à contrepoids GTS20¬33, CLARK présente un modèle thermique d'un rapport prix-performance très intéressant susceptible de soulever l'enthousiasme de nouveaux clients. Les composants haut de gamme déjà de série et les moteurs (à gaz propulseur et diesel) par ailleurs puissants et à consommation réduite affichent de faibles coûts d'exploitation globaux (TCO) même dans des conditions difficiles. L'emploi de pièces robustes en tôle et plastique « conçues pour durer » assure aux exploitants d'engins CLARK un fonctionnement attendu de longue durée sans problème. Le CLARK GTS20¬33 d'une capacité de charge de 2,0 t, 2,5 t, 3,0 t et 3,3 t est conçu pour accomplir des performances de manutention élevées, alliant ergonomie et sécurité des manipulations.

“Huge demand”
“We are already experiencing huge demand for the new GTS with pneumatic or superelastic tyres, which promises a successful market launch,” said Rolf Eiten, CEO of CLARK Europe. The first GTS models to be dispatched have already been delivered to CLARK's importers in Egypt Falcon Motors SAE, who immediately went on to showcase the new machine at the Handling Expo Cairo exhibition at the end of November 2015. Falcon Motors even started taking the first orders for the GTS in the MENA region at the exhibition – including one from CLARK customer Wafik Bassily, CEO of Beta Company Limited in Cairo: “I looked at other forklifts but the GTS30 is first choice for me: it's tough and reliable, the perfect machine for our needs. I've been putting my faith in the quality of CLARK products for years now, and I'm confident that the GTS30 will live up to their positive image.”

Yanmar and ISUZU diesel engines
The GTS20-33 is available with two diesel engine variants: as a high-power machine with the industry-proven Yanmar 4TNE94L (34,3 kW) or ISUZU 4LE2X (46 kW) engines. The Yanmar diesel engines, a new choice for the GTS20-30, provide an exceptionally comfortable, quiet ride. The ISUZU diesel engine is ideal for applications involving large mounted implements or steep gradients combined with continuous heavy nominal loads (optionally available for the GTS20-30, standard with the GTS33).

The MMC-PSI (4G64) LPD engine featuring the PSI fuel system delivers an impressive 51.6 kW. Service costs have been reduced by up to 25 per cent here as well, thanks to easier maintenance and the introduction of more durable toothed belts and spark plugs. Emanuel Matthaei, Sales & Marketing Director of CLARK Europe GmbH: “The solid performance is achieved by using 16 valves instead of 8 to generate more torque. The map-controlled ignition means the ignition time is electronically regulated and the available power used to the maximum effect. Finally, the electronic engine speed control system generates the optimum delivery of power.”

Wet multi-disc brakes
The truck’s enclosed, oil-cooled wet disc brakes are easy to maintain and offer precision performance. They require 50 per cent less pedal effort than drum brakes, which means less downtime for maintenance and therefore a reduction in overall operating costs.

Split transmission
The engine and transmission are separate from the drive axle and mounted in rubber dampers, which significantly reduces vibrations for the driver and makes for a more pleasant, smoother ride. Driver fatigue is also greatly reduced, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Ergonomics, comfort, safety
A combination of ergonomically proven components and practical safety features give the GTS20-33 a higher throughput rate, whatever the application. The large steps are set low and are open at the top to allow easy access to and from the cabin, which features a clear display and practical stowage compartments. The control levers for the hydraulics are mounted on the engine cover where they are easy to reach. Gas cylinders fitted to the cover prevent it from suddenly closing during servicing. In addition, the high quality CLARK uprights with hydraulic damping for lifting and lowering make everyday load handling easier. The GTS20-33 can only be started if the direction control switch is in the neutral position, in addition it is not possible to drive against the parking brake.

Modular cabin range
CLARK's modular cabin range will also be available for the GTS20-33 series in the future. The cabins can be retrofitted and can therefore also be ordered both for stock machines and units that are already in use. Various different versions of the cabins can be supplied depending on preferences and requirements: Level 1 (roof), Level 2 (roof + front), Level 3 (roof + front + rear) and Level 4 (full cabin). PVC side sections are also available on request. Heated rear windscreens are installed as standard; the switch layout is intuitive and easy to reach. Besides the heating system with air filter that is fitted as standard in the Level 4 full cabin version, highlights include a number of practical new options such as a comfortable interior covering, a panoramic rear-view mirror and an MP3-compatible radio system.